July 19, 2024


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Why Does My Computer Freeze?

Why Does My Computer Freeze?

When a computer freezes up all of a sudden it is very frustrating and a sign that there is trouble. Sometimes it can happen without any apparent warning, whereas sometimes there have been indications that there has indeed been a problem there for quite a while. Whatever the case maybe, a computer that is freezing must be handles promptly before the trouble becomes even worse.

The first and most obvious thing to do is run a virus scan. Quite often a virus can cause abrupt trouble in a matter of seconds. Scanning the computer is your first action in narrowing down the problem. If you find no indication of any viruses, or if you do find a virus and your computer still continues to freeze, then go on to the next step to find the problem. Do not get discouraged, you will find out what the matter is if you dig deep enough.

The next step would be to remove any spyware that may be lingering on your machine. This is recommended to be performed even if your computer has shown no trace of a virus, or if a virus has been annihilated. These pesky spyware can wreak havoc on your computer and also make it freeze , or worse, cause your system to crash. After you have performed these tasks you are still having problems,or if you feel your computer is still misbehaving slightly, you should clean out your registry.

A registry cleaner will sort out the registry and put things back in their proper place. Quite often what happens is that after a virus or spyware has imposed itself on your unsuspecting computer, the registry has become slightly out of whack and could use a good tuneup. Cleaning your registry may also completely fix any freezing issues, or any signs of slowness when you are working on it. A registry repair can often give new life to your computer, and make you wonder how you ever put up with it acting so slowly for so long.