December 4, 2023


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Three Components of Successful Internet Network Marketing Campaign

Have you ever wanted to take your network marketing business online but didn’t know where to start or where to look for ideas? Well, this article is an attempt to explain to you in a birds-eye-view of the how the internet network marketing works. I’m going to show you the inner workings of the marketing machine and reveal the nuts and bolts. It might seem daunting at first, but it is really simple once you understand it.

Just remember this all you need to succeed in the world of internet network marketing is just to remember these principles: TRAFFIC, CONVERSION and PRESENTATION.

Many network marketers are dumbfounded online because they have the most beautiful blog in the world and pages that convert, but none of these things matter because they are simply not getting traffic. By far, getting traffic is the one of the most challenging task. Considering that there is countless other MLM bloggers all competing to grab your prospects attention, you better stand out and cut through the clutter. My suggestion to you is that you learn solid SEO skills to beat out the competition. Most MLM content is generic and makes you fall asleep. Put some personality and spunk in your articles. SEO optimize those articles also. In my opinion, SEO traffic gives you the greatest quality leads you can ever find PERIOD. If you are writing and spinning zillions of articles hoping to strike it rich in a Google lottery, you will be sorely disappointed. So master SEO, focus on it and get some Traffic!

The second key component in internet network marketing is to CONVERT. You’ve got to convert your traffic and work at it to increase your conversion rates. Writing good copy goes a great long ways here. Lets say you have 10,000 visitors to your blog monthly. If your conversion rates were 3-4% but if you can increase it by another 1-2%, that easily means more sales revenue for you. That extra conversion can give you more marketing dollars and lower the overhead of your online MLM business. You can increase your conversions by adding simple things like pop-ups and opt in forms. You know, everyone loves a freebie and they will jump on at free training or e-books the moment they see it. Make sure you put out a ‘tasty’ bait so they drop the email and name in the opt in box.

Lastly, you’ve got to have an automated PRESENTATION system that does follow-up on your behalf. This can be easily done by pre loading series of training divided over a period of days into your auto responder. I have found that presentations convert way better when they focus on the prospects rather than the company this… company that… Tweak and fine tune your email copy to the point that they are so convinced by your presentation that they have no choice but to join in your business. This is your only chance at convincing them to join in your business so you better give your best. Note this: a good presentation provides solid marketing plan and shows them how they will make money with your company. They must be convinced by your system or training, otherwise they are not going to take you seriously enough.

Remember the three crucial principles of TRAFFIC, CONVERSION and PRESENTATION and I’m certain that you will have all the success you deserve as a network marketer online.