May 29, 2024


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Why Companies Employ Wide Area Network?

Before the actual topic is discussed, we should have a basic concept of what a Wide Area Network is. Referred to as WAN, the technology makes use of communicating local computer networks to larger working networks that may cover both national and international levels. This piece of writing will focus on the facts and reasons that have made WAN an important choice amongst companies.

A company working in one single building might have to link different departments together. Previously, the hassle of wires was a big problem, but now, this is achievable through fibre-optic cables laid in most of the offices. This however, remained to just one single geographical location. Over the years, businessmen had strived to take their business to international levels and hence came the use of Wide-Area-Network (WAN) services.

Wide-Area-Network allows the company to expand their coverage to a broader area. For example, a drugstore may fill in the name of a customer into their database. This database will be updated and via a Wide-Area-Network, the customer’s identity can be accepted and entertained at any of the drugstore’s outlets in the country.

Nowadays, business companies working at national and international levels need to share their internal functions which include the sales, marketing and accounting, production and development. Here, the role of Wide Area Network comes into play. The basic aim why companies use Wide-Area-Network is that, this network takes information from individual based networks in that particular company and transforms it into a comprehensive and unified computer network.

People have now made softwares integrated with Wide-Area-Network. These softwares allow users to store their data online and access them even when they are not sitting in their office. Hence, one big advantage of Wide Area Network is that, it can be brought into use from anywhere in the world. Suppose a businessman has gone to France on a business trip, his company is originally based in UK; he can access all the data that he needs by visiting the online profile of the company.

Previously, if one branch got damaged or was rendered inaccessible due to a natural disaster or any other related calamity, the entire team of employees could not reach and work at the offices. However, the Wide Area Network has allowed them to place all their work online, and work at any other location, if their primary location of work has been damaged.

Wide Area Network has also made file sharing really simple. Previously, people had limited facilities which did not allow them to share files, if they were at a distance from each other. However, in this era, companies are sharing huge packets of data every second around the world, thanks to Wide-Area-Network.

These were few benefits of Wide-Area-Network to the companies. The list however is not complete because Wide-Area-Network has not just provided us only with benefits; it has actually revolutionized our lives.