February 26, 2024


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Internet Network Marketing, Home Based Businesses – 5 Tips and Tricks to Explode the Marketplace

1. Understand exactly what your objectives are: As simple as this might sound, many times representatives/distributors have no idea what to do or even better yet HOW they are going to build the business. Do you think there is a reason why only 1-3% of most network marketers actually produce a consistent income? Of course there is! Those 1-3% of people truly know what their objectives are and they have developed a skill of finding creative ways to accomplish this. Unfortunately when you enter network marketing, nobody actually shows you HOW to build the business. They show you the product, they show you the compensation plan, the top money earners (so you see the sky is the limit) and then give you the “this business is for everyone you know speech) and send you off loaded with brochures, pamphlets, cd’s, dvd’s, training discs, applications, you name it and say go sign em up. They tell you as long as your “why” is strong you too can be a million dollar income earner. So as instructed, you go make a list of 200 people from you cell phone and Christmas mailers that consist of family and friends. Not to take any light away from traditional network marketing teachings of going out there and sharing your product with people you know in your warm market, but lets get REAL, what business ever created in history becomes a multi million dollar business off of its family and friends? NOT ONE….so why in network marketing do they teach you to do this? This industry has such a low retention rate and it’s because of this issue, people are not aware and or trained on what their objectives are and how to accomplish them. This is network “marketing”. Means you are marketing a product of service through the channels of a network of people in which those products and services are sold to the general marketplace of buyers and recruitment of other business builders and you are in a position to receive long term commissions on the life of the product as it passes through multiple people. This truly is a brilliant way to make an income IF you know how to MARKET.

2. Choose to get behind a product or service you personally have a connection to: There are millions of products and services out there, but I have to burst your bubble the product is NOT the reason why people are succeeding. People succeed at network marketing companies because they have a system in which they are marketing these products and or services to a general marketplace of other commonly interested people. Let’s say you find a product that YOU like and are attached to. Yes you naturally will want to share it with everyone you know, but what if you are sharing it with someone who literally has no desire in that product. Better yet you may be pitching the idea of becoming a representative in your company to someone who has no general interest in making additional income. I know I know we just think that “these opportunities are for everyone because they’re for us and we are just like everyone else”, but as you can and will see its NOT. Connect with a product that you can easily market with ease because you are familiar with the use, make and result of the product. Lead with your familiarity, but stand on a strong marketing method. It is a guaranteed fact that many (not all) of the top leaders in various MLM companies, have ran some sort of traditional business before and have succeeded, therefore they already have the blueprint to long term success with a business and a tangible or non-tanglible product. The formula has already been mixed together for them, so all they are doing is switching to a new product. Same SYSTEM….new product. And it’s almost a for sure fact that their previous business was not built off family and friends.

3. Learn to think outside of the “normal mlm friends and family box”: Get trapped in this box and you will never see daylight again. Continuously think out of the box and you will practically create the marketplace for yourself and your team and you will be a top money earner in your opportunity. Do you really think that these top money earners are out there just signing up family and friends? NO, they aren’t….in fact I’d go as far to even say that only 1% of their actual family is even involved with them. So what are they doing that you aren’t? Yes its true many top earners where previously successful at other ventures, other mlm opportunities and so that comes along with years of rapport from the right funnel of contacts, financial credibility (people know they wouldn’t get involved with something that isn’t worth while) and overall influence. The industry tells you to go out there and sign up everyone you have the most influence with. What if you are not some hot shot previous millionaire from another industry or company and your rapport and influence with folks isn’t horrible, but it’s no where near that level. These top income earners paint the picture that if you work hard (like they did) then in 6 months you will be a millionaire. Will you have the same results? Absolutely not….they will always beat you at that…therefore making the opportunity for success becomes very very slim for the general population of enrolled representatives. The industry tells you to “dum it down” and just talk to people, well that s a lot easier said that done. But one viable solution is for you to actually LEARN marketing (your actual job with this thing). Learn how to create your marketplace, by tapping into other atmospheres other than mom, dad, brother, neighbor, church member, colleague and uncle Jack. There are direct mail opportunities, word of mouth, advertising (some paid, some free), promoting, and of course the largest and most useful the INTERNET. This can be your hugest resource in terms of marketing what you have to offer to people who are actually looking for you.

4. Follow good leadership: This is a no-brainer. Just like anything else in life, buddy up with those who are a few steps ahead of you because you can only get better. Continue to surround yourself around certain personalities that challenge your character to grow positively. Anybody can sign up someone in a network marketing opportunity, but not everyone can be a true leader and lead that new person to success. Who you enroll with can and will affect the way you build the business. Good leadership usually comes with accountability. Someone reliable and who you can hold accountable. Someone that is always there to assist you in forward growth. Not just that but someone who has a SYSTEM that is assisting them in building a substantial business. Imagine you are not in network marketing and you just developed a top of line product with your particular group of people and the time is now come to market and get your product sold in the eye of the general population. You would never be around non-leaders who could not show you how to market your product. So why in network marketing (this painted as huge opportunity that might change your life permanently) would you not apply the same rules? Again it sounds simple but common sense is not always so common. If you are being swept off your feet by some fast talking high roller with your company and he or she is not willing to sit you down and introduce you to exactly the HOW TO (marketing system) in building your business, think twice before enrolling with that person.

5. Understanding how to choose the right marketing system: Since you are in Network-“Marketing” yes that means you are in sales (even though they say you aren’t). You have to sell and market your product to people. Uncover the needs of folks and share what you have as a solution to a common need. So with this said, choosing the right marketing system can be the make or break for the average business builder who isn’t blessed with a 300 name warm market list of people who just jump at anything you say due to your financial rapport with them. Your marketing system should literally help you attract qualified people to you that are actively searching for what you have, assist you in actively maintaining constant communication with these people, developing qualified prospects for you as new warm market people and lastly, it should assist you in organizing your lead base from initial point of contact to closing the deal. This is the missing gap in traditional network marketing. If you go get a job as a sales rep or marketing executive, they are going to teach you how to market to a population that is in growing demand of what you have. But network marketing for some odd reason does not graph that map out too well, so you give it a good rah rah for 3-6 months and then you’re out or moved on to another networking opportunity you feel is easier for some reason. The purpose of all of this is to teach you that this business evolves around the nature of people, meeting new ones, pre-qualifying interested ones, and maintain good quality relationships with existing ones. The person who communicates the most effectively and efficiently wins! They do this by actively and successfully marketing to the RIGHT people, not everybody, no anybody but only particular people who have shown a general interest in what they have to offer.

M Master these steps and you are on your way to a new growing business that WILL change your life and the lives of those around you.