July 16, 2024


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Boost Your Style With High Resolution Camera Mobile Phones

Boost Your Style With High Resolution Camera Mobile Phones

The advancement of technology has turned a basic communication phone to a more advanced gadget. The introduction of mobile phones with high end features have increased the parameter of competition. In order to grab leading position in the mobile market, many companies are already in the race and are indulged in adding more utility features to mobile phones. Numerous companies have managed to gain public attention and did remarkable business in a short span of time. Many additional features were added to latest handsets to enhance their functionalities.

Their high end features have led millions of users to be their loyal users. These phones are now getting very popular due to their dedicated options. There are several ace in the current mobile market such as Motorola, Nokia, LG, HTC, Sony Ericsson etc. that are quite popular for their commendable services. Their handsets are jam packed with dynamic features. These days mobile phones with high resolution cameras are getting positive response from users. In fact, the craze for camera handsets has risen remarkably in recent times. One of the example that can be given is that of Samsung i8510 INNOV8. This handset with smooth and fine finish is embedded with 8 mega pixels camera. The camera is capable of capturing videos as well as images. It can shoot videos for quite a longer time and the images are of good quality. These video files can be stored in the handsets itself and can be viewed directly with its TV out functionality. This way one can enjoy quality videos on large screen without transferring it to any storing device like CDs or DVDs.

Moreover, captured videos can be edited with the video editing options. This way the user himself can edit unwanted clips or make some changes to the file. This high tech gadget is integrated with features such as auto-panorama shot, image stabiliser and flash to get more sharp pictures. Some of the options like face, smile and blink detection help to click the picture by detecting face, smile and blink and placing them on the centre of the frame. Its camera is quite powerful and provides 3264×2448 pixels of image resolution which is enough to provide high quality pictures. Its superb quality secondary videocall camera can be used to see the end caller while undertaking a conversation

Other handsets that stand up to the mark in the category of camera phone is the mesmerising LG KC910 Renoir. This is a very popular mobile phone with high resolution camera. Its has TFT screen with touch screen facility that provides ease of navigating to any options through a touch of finger tip. Its display is of 3.0 inches and this large screen provides 256K colors 240 x 400 pixels image resolution thus bringing sharp picture view to users. The accelerometer sensor with touch screen for auto-rotate helps to keep the image erect even if the mobile is rotated in any direction. The amazing LG KC910 Renoir multi media handset supports many video formats. Its 8 mega pixels camera comes with xenon flash that offer more sharp pictures. And all these features are embedded in single unit of handset. Similarly there are other gadgets like Samsung M8800 Pixon, which is power packed with several camera options and is day by getting huge popularity. These camera widgets have managed to make its existence recognisable to people.