May 19, 2024


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App Store developers told to update App or face removal


Apple has sent an email to App Store app developers saying that they have to release an update or risk being pulled from the platform.

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Titled ‘App Store Improvement Notice’, the email tells developers that they haven’t released an update for their app in a while. The content goes on and says that the app is scheduled to be removed within 30 days. Apple says that their apps can be made available for new users when they submit an update in 30 days’ time.

Users who have already downloaded the app or game will still be able to keep them, and will still be able to make in-app purchases. However, the app will be removed from the App Store listing.

The email is part of Apple’s process in evaluating legacy apps in the App Store. Apple says it’s necessary so customers can find great apps that ‘fit their needs’ and ensures that the ones in the platform are up-to-date and functional.


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