May 19, 2024


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The Necessity Of Responsive Website Design In 2022

The Rising Web Design Trends for 2022 | What to Look Out For

You might have browsed websites on your Smartphone with microscopic text, too small buttons for your fingers to tap, or the images spanned well beyond the screen’s border. Those websites were not outfitted with responsive website design. Every top-rated web design company in Reno always recommends having a responsive website, especially in 2022 since the majority of the audience is converting to Smartphone browsing instead of making use of computers or laptops. The professionals will design your website with a fluid layout that responds accordingly based on the type of device from which the website is being browsed.

Proper functioning of a website across every platform makes having responsive web design a necessity. With numerous users browsing websites from tablets and Smartphones, alienating those users due to a website that doesn’t function on their devices is a massive disadvantage to your website’s accomplishment. Moreover, did you know that Google takes responsive web design into account while ranking search results?

In addition, having a responsive website design will undoubtedly make your website translate impeccably from desktop to Smartphone or tablet. Responsive web design makes certain that users have an optimized experience while browsing through your website, regardless of what device they are using. So, approach a licensed company such as Stack Mode that offers specialized responsive web design services in Reno and make your website rank higher in search results.

Now, let us take a quick look at some of the crucial elements that every product page of the website should consist of.

No matter how tantalizing your products are, if the product page is not as appealing, you will not break even. Even though the most stunning product can be created on the internet, however, if the product page is not well optimized to convert effectively and efficiently, all your marketing efforts will be a flop. Check out some of the key elements that the specialists of a professional web design company in Nevada suggest to incorporate mandatorily for the product page.

Above the Fold

  • Customer service phone number in the header
  • Bread crumb navigation
  • Name of the product in big and bold font
  • Reviews of the product using 5 stars format
  • integration for the 5 star review
  • Multiple product pictures
  • Video of the product
  • Show regular price of the product
  • Sale price of the product
  • Invoke product scarcity
  • Free shipping
  • Show product variations
  • integration for the price
  • Call to action button
  • Most important features of the products that matter to the buyer
  • “Add to Wish List” button
  • Integrate social share buttons

According to the experts at Stack Mode, one of the leading companies for website design & development and SEO services in Reno, the Footer section should incorporate – Customer service options, Links to return, refund & shipping policy, Newsletter sign feature, Links to company social media pages, and Links to main product category pages.

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