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The best golf gadgets to improve your game in 2022


Whether you’re a pro golfer looking for a handy tool that will give you the upper hand in your next competition, or a novice who wants to get to grips with their swing, there are plenty of gizmos available that can improve your performance and overall experience.

From practice clubs that will tell you where you’re going wrong, to GPS watches that will give you a better sense of the course you’re playing on, and even special glasses that should locate stray balls, we’ve put together a list of golf gadgets that every caddy should include.

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Best golf gadgets to buy in 2022

PeakPulse Rangefinder

PeakPulse Rangefinder on white background

If you want to gauge the distance of your next shot without walking to the hole or completely winging it, this may be the ideal device for you. It’s capable of measuring anywhere between six to 656 yards with an accuracy of one yard, so you can be sure your ball will be sent in the right direction thanks to its 6x magnification lens and wide angle view which will give you a much better understanding of the course in front of you.

You can even lock the pin in place for further accuracy to make sure the ball is heading exactly where you want it. Just bear in mind there is no slope correction built into the viewfinder, so you’ll have to figure that bit out yourself. 

Garmin Approach S62 GPS Watch

Garmin Approach S62 GPS Watch on white background

Keep on top of your stats and set up your own virtual caddie, with the Garmin Approach watch. With over 41,000 international golf maps preloaded, it can highlight your current course on its full colour display, helping you plan your shorts and avoid any blind spots. 

It will also give you a heads up on the wind conditions to help you make adjustments, and each shot you take while wearing the watch will be recorded and logged which means it can give you club suggestions while measuring your heart rate and blood oxygen saturation for a full overview.

PuttOUT Pressure Putt Trainer

PuttOUT Pressure Putt Trainer on white background

Improve your game even when you’re not on the green with this putt trainer that will help develop your technique. Designed to replicate the conditions you’d expect to find on an authentic putting area, it features a hole and a curved design to simulate the real thing.

You’ll know when you’ve made a good shot because you’ll be rewarded with the ball rolling back towards you so you can take another practice putt, while those that miss the mark will be rejected over the side so you’ll have to go collect them.

Golf Ball Finder Glasses

Golf ball finding glasses on white background

Never lose your ball in the rough again thanks to this specially made, golf ball finding glasses. They claim to work by using a blue lens that makes the white of the ball stand out from the surrounding green foliage, so you can spend less time wandering off the green and more time playing. 

They can be worn over most prescription glasses so you won’t have to swap them out, and even come with a handy carry case to store them safely away when you’re done for the day. 

Blast Golf Complete Swing & Stroke Analyser

Blast Golf Complete Swing & stroke analyzer on white background

If you want to improve your swing but you’re not quite sure where to start, or you’re an experienced player who wants to focus on their form, this swing and stroke analyser should set you straight. 

Simply attach the sensor to the butt of the golf club grip and it will analyse 11 putting hits and five full swings to give you a breakdown on our performance, with tips on what you could be doing better. 

To access these metrics you’ll have to pair your phone with the Blast Golf app which is available on iOS and will unlock insights such as your stroke time, rotation and speed. 

Orange Whip Full-Sized Golf Swing Trainer Aid

Orange Whip Full Sized Golf Swing Trainer Aid

Work on your swing and build your golfing muscles wherever you are, with the Orange Whip training aid. Designed to assist with your range of motion without risking an injury from overtraining, this simple device has been specifically weighted and counterweighted to make sure you stay well balanced.

The flexible shaft will let you know when something is off with your swing as it will wobble to indicate areas of improvement, which means you should get an immediate sense of how you’re performing after each attempt. 

PGA Tour Golf Multi Tool

PGA Tour Golf Multi Tool on white background

You’re unlikely to get caught short on the course with this handy multi-tool, officially endorsed by the PGA Tour. It includes a magnetic marker so you can keep track of your ball, a groove brush to keep your club clean, a shoe spike tool and even a removable pen so you can make any notes or keep on top of your score. 

You can have it nearby at all times thanks to the convenient keyring pull, and it also has a bottle opener so you can celebrate your next hole in one. 

Golf Club Groove Sharpener

TickTockGolf Golf Club Groove Sharpener on white background

For those who are serious about their golfing game every little edge can help, which is why it’s important to pay attention to the quality of your club grooves. These can not only affect overall ball control but can also help you put an extra flourish on your strike and create some backspin when needed. 

This tool comes with a range of heads so it’s likely to work with whatever club you have to hand, with both U and V shaped grooves accounted for. The handle also has a no-slip grip for accuracy, making sure you don’t scuff or scratch the rest of the club. Designed to last, this durable item should see you through many games on the green.

LED Golf Balls

THIODOON LED Gold Ball on white background

If you don’t get a chance to play until the light is fading or you just want a better chance of finding your balls after a long day, these LED options may be the ideal companion for your caddy.

Simple to use, the balls should light up immediately on impact and promise to be especially bright, with eight minutes of lighting time each time they’re activated. You can expect to get plenty of hits in as well as the batteries claim to last up to 40 hours, which means they will will light up approximately 300 times. 

Golf Practice Net for Garden Driving

BAYINBULAK 2 in 1 Golf Practice Net on white background

Set up a mini course at home with this practice net that should help you master your chipping skills. It has extra large targets on both sides if you’re a beginner, as well as three smaller targets on the front if you’re a seasoned golfer who wants to nail their accuracy.

Don’t worry if you miss any targets either, as the side pockets will catch any stray balls so you can easily gather them up for another go.

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