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The best caravan gadgets to buy in 2022

The best caravan gadgets to buy in 2022


Whether you’re the proud owner of a state-of-the-art motorhome or a slightly less luxurious caravan, there’s always room for fun gadgets to upgrade your travel experience. From portable dishwashers to Bluetooth speakers and a whole range of collapsible caravan accessories for easy storage, there are plenty of motorhome gadgets to browse online. 

This is our rundown of the best caravan gadgets to buy this year. 

For more shopping inspiration, check out our list of the best car gadgets to get for your motor. 

Best caravan gadgets for 2022

Cookology mini portable dishwasher

Cookology mini portable dishwasher

In years gone by, you may have been forced to spend your precious holiday time doing the dishes – but not anymore, thanks to this smart mini dishwasher. 

If you don’t want to go to the hassle of plumbing it in, you can just add five litres of water yourself and position the waste hose into the sink. 

For such a small dishwasher, this appliance has some surprisingly clever features. There’s a 2h ‘eco’ programme as well as a shorter 1h29m wash and a ‘baby mode’ for sterilising bottles. Plus, it comes with a cutlery tray, fruit basket and water measuring jug.

Falcon portable solar panel battery charger

Solar panel in a caravan, from the front and back

A solar panel can be an incredibly useful caravan gadget, and might just save you the frustration of discovering your battery is flat when you’re on the road. This one has handy suction cups, so you can stick it to a window. Once it’s in place, just attach it to the battery with the 12v socket or crocodile clips. 

There’s no need to worry if the weather is less than ideal; the panel has mono-crystalline solar cells to process light in a wide range of conditions. 

Outwell kettle & other collapsible items

A range of collapsible accessories on a white background

Space-saving accessories are a must if you want to keep your motorhome neat and tidy, so collapsibility is king in the world of caravan gadgets. This steel and silicone kettle pops up to hold 2.5L of water, but folds down to fit inside cupboards, drawers or your travel bag when you’ve finished using it. 

Other caravan must haves include collapsible items like this washing up bowl, colander and water bottle

Falcon Bluetooth soundbar

Falcon bluetooth soundbar

Whether you want to boost your TV’s sound quality or just listen to your favourite music, Bluetooth speakers are useful caravan gadgets to keep close at hand. 

This soundbar combines high sound quality with compact design, and shouldn’t take up too much space in your caravan. 

Charge up the speaker with the included micro-USB cable and you’ll get seven hours of battery life. Either connect it to your TV with the 3.5mm audio cable or use the Bluetooth to sync it to your mobile device. 

BergHOFF Leo outdoor tabletop BBQ

BergHOFF Leo outdoor tabletop BBQ

Portable barbecues don’t get much more stylish than this BergHOFF model. With its sleek look and compact design, it’s a convenient choice for alfresco meals in the great outdoors. 

Inside the carbon steel container, you’ll find a fire basket, charcoal grate and grill. The cork lid also doubles as a trivet for heat protection on any surface. Plus, you’ll get a carry strap and removable silicone handles for easy transportation. 

This barbecue is from BergHOFF’s Leo range, which also includes smart items like non-stick pans, thermal flasks and food storage containers.

Portable twin tub washing machine

Portable Twin Tub Washing Machine

You can say goodbye to cleaning your clothes in the sink if you have this nifty tabletop gadget: a portable washing machine with a built-in spin-dryer.

Despite being under 60cm in height, this convenient caravan accessory can take up to 2.5kg of clothes. Just add water, set the timer and angle the drain hose into the sink. 

Starburst fairy lights

Starburst silver fairy lights in a hallway

Able to instantly transform the average campervan into a cosy haven, fairy lights are one of our top caravan must haves – and these battery-powered lights get our seal of approval. They have an unusual starburst design made from 150 warm white LEDs and a built-in timer to turn them on for six hours a day. 

Plus, they’re completely waterproof so you can use them outdoors – perfect for evenings under the stars. 

Eufy HomeVac H11

Eufy HomeVac H11 vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners may not be the most exciting caravan gadgets, but this handheld model takes the hassle out of everyday clean-up jobs. There are no annoying power cables or dust bags to contend with; just a 544g vacuum the size of a wine bottle and a crevice nozzle for narrow gaps. 

Top up the battery with the micro-USB port and you’ll get up to 13 minutes of power. Maintenance should also be fairly easy, as you can wash the filter in the sink to improve suction power. 

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