May 19, 2024


Digitally first class

Springfield schools scale back tech use, home access for some students


Students in an English class at Glendale High School take end-of-course exams Wednesday on Google Chromebooks. The district uses the devices for local and state testing.

Superintendent Grenita Lathan announced Tuesday that Springfield Public Schools will take immediate steps to curb the use of district-issued devices among young students as it launches a large-scale review of the role technology will play in the teaching and learning process.

The review will examine how devices are used during the school day and beyond, how well the district is able to safeguard students, and what role devices play in instruction and academic achievement.

“We want our students to be exposed to technology but we do want to think about what that screen time looks like, especially for our youngest students but also monitoring what our middle and high school students are doing,” she said.

Springfield, like many other large districts, relied heavily on technology during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially when students were learning remotely.


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