July 15, 2024


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Seo Hyun-Jin Plays A Successful Lawyer Who Lost Her Way In ‘Why Her?’

Seo Hyun-Jin Plays A Successful Lawyer Who Lost Her Way In ‘Why Her?’


Oh Soo-jae is an exceptional lawyer. She rarely loses a case, even if the people she defends deserve jail time. She will do whatever it takes to protect her clients, with no compunctions about making their victims look bad. Her stellar success rate makes her a valuable commodity for the corrupt elite. On the surface Soo-jae is cool and collected, but her conscience must need dulling because her water bottle is sometimes filled with wine.

Soo-Jae, played by Seo Hyun-jin, only has one dream. It is to get to the top and she’s about half way there, as she’s already set to become the CEO of TK Law Firm. However, she neglected important steps in making her ascent. Determined to stand out in a law firm not kind to female lawyers, particularly those with an unconventional background, she didn’t bother making any male allies. She’s not only a ruthless opponent when dealing with prosecutors. She also ruthlessly exposes the weaknesses of her fellow attorneys. So, when she unwittingly becomes involved in a scandal, no lawyer at the firm stands up for her. Choi Tae-kook (Heo Jun-ho), the chairman of TK Law Firm, sends her away to teach at a law school.

Soo-jae also proves to be a charismatic teacher, impressing her students and in particular the idealistic young Gong Chan, played by Hwang In-yeop. He falls in love with her. Soo-jae also used to be idealistic and Gong Chan’s devotion may be just what it takes to revive her sense of justice and get her career—and life—back on track. This tense legal drama has a lot to offer in terms of character development and the promising chemistry between the leads. His idealism and her legal skills could prove to be a winning combination.

Seo, who this year can be seen playing a woman with Alzheimer’s in the film Cassiopia, has appeared in several popular dramas, including Temperature of Love, You Are My Spring and Dr. Romantic. Hwang appeared in the dramas True Beauty, The Sound of Magic and The Tale of Nokdu. Heo appeared in the film Escape From Mogadishu, as well as the dramas Snowdrop, Kingdom and The Player.

Why Her? also stars Bae In-hyuk, Ji Seung-hyun, Lee Joo-woo and Kim Sun-hyuk.


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