June 18, 2024


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SD-WAN Application in the Digital Industry

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Digital technology is currently developing very rapidly. Almost all corners of the world can feel the existence of technology around them. Starting from access to electricity to the internet. In the internet and network field, the technology that is most in-demand and in use lately is the application of SD-WAN solutions.

SD-WAN is not only used on a large scale but can also be used for a home scale. Especially during the current Covid-19 pandemic, which requires everyone to have assets from home. Starting from work, meetings, school, to health consultations.

Therefore, let’s discuss the application of SD-WAN in other Digital industries

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence or more commonly known as Artificial intelligence (AI) is another digital initiative that can benefit from the adoption of SD-WAN technology in organizations. This mass adoption of AI is made possible by Cloud Computing which enables the availability of powerful computing resources at affordable costs.

Several companies are also starting to offer AI-As-A-Service (AIaaS) services, which will open up AI access to more organizations. AIaaS can be seen as a dedicated SaaS application for artificial intelligence. When implemented as a Cloud service, AI will be able to benefit from the adoption of SD-WAN like other cloud applications.

SD-WAN agility and flexibility

Besides being able to support various other digital initiatives, SD-WAN technology can also provide direct benefits to companies. By implementing SD-WAN, companies can get the speed and flexibility that is essential in carrying out the business transformation.

One example of the flexibility of SD-WAN network products is the ability to combine various private WANs, such as IP-VPN and Metro Ethernet, or public WAN (via the Internet), with a variety of access technologies from optical fiber (fiber), radio link, to LTE. / 4G.

SD-WAN technology also allows building networks faster than traditional WANs so that companies can more easily open new branch offices when expanding. Branch network management is also easier with automation via zero-touch installation, with management in the cloud.