December 8, 2023


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Rumors of Nvidia RTX 4000 Delays Are Getting Louder


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Many gamers spent the early phases of the pandemic trying and failing to get their hands on a decent video card, but the spike in crypto prices and intensifying component shortage made that almost impossible. Anyone who gave up and decided to wait for the next generation of GPUs is gearing up for another retail struggle as Nvidia’s RTX 4000 (Ada Lovelace) cards are on the horizon, but they might have to wait a little longer. The expected summer release date may not be happening after all. 

Previously, all signs pointed to the first cards based on the new 5nm architecture debuting in midsummer, but the latest report from VideoCardz suggests that won’t happen. The new timeline may be shifted later, and you’ll have to wait longer to get the more affordable (and thus more popular) cards in the RTX 4000 lineup. 

According to the new leak, the top-of-the-line RTX 4090 is still first in the release pipeline, but it’s been pushed back about a month to August 2022. The RTX 4080, which will be the sweet spot for many serious gamers, should debut in October 2022. The 4070 cards will allegedly arrive a month later in November 2022. 

That rounds out the premium offerings, and we expect a pause before Nvidia releases any more Ada Lovelace cards. This staggered launch will give the high-end cards plenty of time in the limelight to tempt gamers, if indeed they can even buy one. As in past years, Nvidia will circle back later with more approachable RTX XX60 GPUs. These cards will most likely cost hundreds less than the high-end versions, but they’ll be totally serviceable for 1080p gaming. 

If the last few years are anything to go by, bots will probably grab up a sizeable chunk of the initial 4000-series inventory, allowing them to be sold at steep markups. The 3000-series cards only returned to MSRP in the last few weeks after years of double and even triple retail pricing. So, you might want to add a few more months to the release timeline to actually get your hands on the new GPUs. 

If you don’t need the most powerful new card, you might be interested in Nvidia’s new entry-level Turing GPU, the GTX 1630. While this GPU is also reportedly delayed, it should still launch over the summer for a much lower price than the RTX 4000-series GPUs. 

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