October 2, 2023


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Remove Modern Gadgets From Kids and Get Them Playing Outside Again

Playing outside is something that is important for every kid and something that should be encouraged from an early age.

Kids have a burning desire to play and it’s a great way for them to learn new skills, develop their coordination and strength as well as their confidence. Right up until the age of 10, kids have excessive amounts of energy flowing through their little bodies. Rather than suppress it, kids should be utilising it outside in the fresh air.

While most kids don’t require any invitation, there are a percentage of kids that need that little bit of encouragement. Unfortunately there are many parents whose lack of self motivation palms off on their kids, who tend to seek enjoyment from playing video games inside or simply watching television.

Gone are the days where most kids used to head outside and build a fort, play in the dirt or mingle at the park with the neighbour’s kids. Playing outside is not only fun and adventurous, but it also helps build confidence, increase skills and experience new things. Unfortunately there are too many parents who are happy enough to sit on the couch all day, eat potato chips and watch movies. Consequently, their kids tend to follow their lead.

Today’s playgrounds are so much fun and offer kids so much more than years ago. No longer do playgrounds exist of two swings and a slide, there are now equipment that really challenge kids to go beyond their depths. Most importantly, the larger percentage of playgrounds have rubber matting around them, giving kids that extra bit of confidence and reducing the risk of injury.

Unless the weather conditions are unfavourable or a kid is sick, injured or tired, there’s simply no excuse for parents not to send their kids outside to play and interact. Giving them motivation will understandably ensure greater success and fulfillment as an adult.