July 15, 2024


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Orange Mobile Phones – The Chic Coterie

Orange Mobile Phones – The Chic Coterie

Orange has done it again.The company has come a long way, since it was first introduced in April 1994.It has introduced the chic coterie of five mobile phones which are: SPV C550, SPV C600, SPV M3100,SPV M5000 and SPV M600.Each one of these has a uniqueness and identity of its own.Stylish and sleek; with top notch features like Bluetooth, GPRS and MP3 players, and cameras; orange mobile phones really belong to the elite segment.

Orange SPV C550 music is a big treat for the music aficionados with an MP3 player, polyphonic ringtones and with good audio quality .Weighing at 107 g; it has an excellent screen display of 240×320 pixels.You can click good quality pictures with the 1.3 megapixel camera of Orange SPV C550.

Next in the fray from orange is orange SPV C600.It is a tailor made camera for today’s fact-paced life with useful features like Bluetooth and email.You can send an email to your friends, colleagues wherever you are.SPV M 3100 is one of the few Orange mobile phones which possess the HSDPA (High speed downlink packet access).With windows mobile 5.0, it is the ultimate pocket business tool.

SPV M 5000 is also a worthy endeavour from Orange; which possesses the latest Microsoft Windows Mobile 5; including changes like one-handed navigation, a large memory and the latest Active Sync 4.0.Weighing 285 g, SPV M 5000 is the heaviest of the lot.

The last in the lot includes the chic PDA SPV M600, which has a nice black finish.It is a real smart device with features like Microsoft Windows Mobile 5, quadband GSM, WAP, Bluetooth, Wireless LAN (wifi) .With quadband GSM you can use the phone worldwide, with an unparalleled roaming capability in 120 countries. orange mobile phones are available on different mobile shops under various mobile phone deals like Canary 40, Dolphin35, Panther 45 etc.