July 22, 2024


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Network Marketing Using the Internet

Network Marketing Using the Internet

InterNetwork Marketing…

Internet-Network Marketing…

MLM online…

It doesn’t matter what you call it. All that matters is that you begin to see the kind of leverage the Internet can give you when building your business.

The Internet allows average people build massive downlines in less than 2 years. Normally in traditional network marketing it would take 5-10 years to build any kind of decent residual income. What the Internet does best is create efficiency- efficiency simply means you save time.

If you aren’t using the Internet to help aid you in building your network marketing business then you are going to be left behind. It is too powerful of a tool to ignore.

O.k. so let’s say that you already realize the significance of Internet-Network marketing. But, you don’t know where to begin. After all, the Internet is a big place and there is a ton of information. So how do you effectively use this tool without getting lost and confused?

Glad you asked.

First let’s dispel some myths about Internet-Network Marketing:

1. It is easy. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Building a business is NEVER easy. It takes dedication, commitment, persistence, and consistency. What the Internet does is create LEVERAGE. So if you are willing to put the work into it at first… over time it gets easier and easier.

2. It is 100% automated. You’ve heard it, “Build your downline without even picking up the phone”. Maybe you’ve heard of “The King Of Never Calling A Lead”. Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but no business will last without building a relationship. And building relationships require that you pick up the phone, you email your downline, and you meet them periodically to see them face to face. If you just want to hide behind a computer then good luck… cause it won’t work! But, the good news is that if you plug into a proven marketing system it can automate 90% of the work. So again, the Internet does provide HUGE leverage.

3. You can’t build relationships through the internet. Oh really? I am always amazed when I hear ignorant networkers tell me this. The fastest growing trend on the Internet happens to be Social Networking. Hmmm… interesting… Social NETWORKING. Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, and many just like it are the buzz on the Internet. Why? Because people are realizing that connecting with other people around the world has never been easier than through the Internet. People are meeting their best friends through the Internet. People are meeting their spouses through the Internet. And you don’t think that you can meet your next potential distributor through the Internet? Of course you can! The Internet actually increases the relationship aspect if used properly.

4. Retention is low. Well, retention is low anytime a new distributor feels disconnected. If you plug your new distributors into a good internet marketing system than you will actually increase retention. Remember, the marketing system is EVERYTHING! If you are part of a company that does not have a good marketing system… then go find one that does!

Alright, I could go on and on about different myths I’ve heard over the last couple years from people who are just plain ignorant about the Internet.

But, I want you to know that anyone who plugs into a good online marketing system can build a very successful network marketing business. Times are changing- and they are changing for the better. You and me have a lot better chance to succeed today then ever before in history. You just need to learn how to harness the power of the Internet!