May 25, 2024


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MilesWeb Review – Reseller Hosting Facts

Over the past few years reseller hosting has been increased significantly as people are looking out for more and more ways to earn money. Reseller hosting has been a helping hand to many of the beginner’s entrepreneurs and others looking for side hassle. The fact is, it is a way for its users to start up their own web hosting company or just earn some money from the side business.

Web hosting is very popular among IT and non-tech people. But, what is reseller hosting?

It is a practice, where you can purchase the hosting from one of the providers with an intention to sell it to your hosting clients. Cheap reseller hosting from MilesWeb allows you to create your own hosting plans and sell them under your price tags. It is not necessary that you have to sell them at the price you purchased from MilesWeb.  So, basically, you get to start your own web hosting company, without any startup cost, with any infrastructure or tech support staff as all it is backed up the MilesWeb team.

Also, with MilesWeb you are ensured to get a 100% white label reseller hosting account. That means, wherever or wherever you contact with your clients or customers, you can directly contact under your brand name. Your clients won’t know that you have taken service from MilesWeb.

Ratings of MilesWeb Hosting :

MilesWeb is a reputed company that operates 24/7 and provides exceptional services at a very affordable price. They are referred by many of the top trusted hosting experts.  

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Reseller hosting facts about MilesWeb :

1) Price

Price is considered an important parameter by many hosting buyers because accordingly, they need to structure their own plans to make profits. MilesWeb offers reseller hosting right from £4/month. These plans are structure according to the number of cPanel accounts and other hosting resources you get with them.

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It also offers Windows reseller hosting and unlimited Windows reseller hosting plan starting at just £5.6/month and £10.5/month respectively.

2) Free Billing Solution 

All the Windows reseller hosting plan comes with WHMCS that is a robust automation tool and can handle the billing and support for your online business easily. It helps to manage your tasks effortlessly. Using WHM you can also create and manage multiple cPanel accounts with unlimited websites, emails, etc. 

3) Unlimited Website Hosting

As said above the plans are designed depending on the number of cPanel accounts they offer. But, the good news is, all cPanel accounts allow you to host unlimited websites. Yes, that means, you can host multiple domains under a single cPanel account. 

4) SSD Storage 

If you prefer high performance and speedy website, then look no more. MilesWeb hosts all your websites on SSD servers to provide lightning fast. So, none of your clients can ever complain about website performance and its speed.

5)  cPanel Control Panel 

To make sure that every reseller user uses the account to its fullest, you and your client get cPanel accounts. Using this account you can manage your and client’s emails, domains, and websites. As an owner, it also gives the right to suspend the account.

6) Unlimited Email Account 

Under every reseller account, unlimited email accounts can be created. It is always better to use professional emails with your brand name instead of using the regular ones. You can also distinguish these emails on the basis of your department like sales, support, marketing, career, etc.  After all, the business must look professional.

7) Free Domain Reseller Account

The additional thing you get with MilesWeb reseller account is free domain reseller account too. That means, you don’t just have to sell the hosting but can also sell domains to your clients. This simply indicates there no limitation on your earning if you are passionate about your work.

8) Softaculous 

Every reseller hosting plan is incorporated with 1 click installer tool that is Softaculous. Using this, you are allowed to install hundreds of applications like WordPress, PrestaShop, Joomla, Drupal, etc. as per the site’s requirement. Also, these applications can be installed within clicks so that you don’t need to spend more time on that.

9) Free SSL Certificate

To protect your site from all types of malware during the data transfer process, a free SSL certificate is incorporated with all sites. This certificate also helps in improving the site’s ranking on search results.

10) Unlimited Bandwidth

Bandwidth is required to host all types of websites, without it a site cannot perform on the internet. If the bandwidth falls short then a website may come down even if it hosted. So, it keeps your business always growing, MilesWeb provides you unlimited bandwidth. 

Reseller hosting is more about starting a business and becoming your own boss. In the beginning, you can consider it as a side business, and once the business starts growing with a good amount of customers, you can try to concentrate it on as a full-time business. 

Wrapping Up :

Reseller hosting is a good way to make money using your talent. And with MilesWeb you can do it without any limitations. The free domain reseller account, unlimited bandwidth, 99.95% uptime, and 24/7 support to you and your customers from MilesWeb make your work easier.