May 29, 2024


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Marketing 101: Must-know autumn menu ideas for restaurants

The fall season slowly starts towards the beginning of September. Some individuals may be seen walking around the city streets donning scarves and sweaters that make them feel warm and comfy.

Seasonal ingredients like apples, pumpkins, cranberries, figs, turnips, sweet potatoes, and others are abundant during the fall season. Your restaurant can refresh its QR code menu and provide customers with seasonally appropriate menu items.

Using a restaurant digital QR code menu software, you can effortlessly change your online ordering website and provide a seasonal menu category. The software efficiently updates menu items, helping you increase business productivity.

Make the most of this season by spreading the word about your extraordinary seasonal dishes.

Seasonal menu items for your restaurant

Allow your customers to feel the coziness of your restaurant establishment with these seasonal dishes you have prepared for them for the fall season.

Pumpkin spice latte

During this time, serve out some traditional fall beverages like a pumpkin spice latte. Customers love to indulge in this dish during the colder months because it makes them feel warm and cozy.

Update your QR code menu to include this mixture. A pumpkin spice latte can be served hot or chilled. This goes best with other fall-inspired foods like maple pecan pie, cinnamon buns, or gingerbread, which all have similar flavor profiles.

Don’t let your patrons miss out on this seasonal beverage; be sure to promote it on your social media pages.

Mushroom Stroganoff

We can’t forget the mouthwatering plants that fall delivers to our plates as we enter the season. Simply replace items with seasonal favorites to transform everyday dishes into ones inspired by the season.

Substituting substantial, hearty beef for mushrooms doesn’t change how much we love a serving of stroganoff. Stroganoff is a restaurant favorite since its ingredients make customers love its flavors.

For a tasty, cozy, and creamy dish for your vegan guests, serve vegan mushroom stroganoff in your establishment. Additionally, this is healthier than traditional stroganoff and free of nuts.

Use this opportunity to add flair to your menu QR code by including it on the list.

Apple pecan pie

Why not create a delectable dish using two seasonal ingredients for your customers to enjoy? Make your guests drool with your restaurant’s QR code menu by serving up some apple pecan pie with flavorful components.

A pie recipe with apples and pecans is called an apple pecan pie. This meal can be served with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream. Having an apple and pecan in one recipe makes you do some homey, comfy, and cozy dessert for your customers.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to promote this seasonal dessert in your restaurant. Make your target market aware that an apple pecan pie is offered in your restaurant by extending your marketing methods across your social media channels.

Chocolate pumpkin bread

A delectable meal, lunch, or dessert made with chocolate and pumpkin is exceptionally enticing to smell and look at.

Serve some chocolate pumpkin bread in your restaurant and include this dish in your interactive menu. This is the best treat for those people who want to have flavors of pumpkin and chocolate in one.

A chocolate pumpkin bread is also best paired with a vanilla ice cream, pumpkin spice latte, or even a cinnamon spice.

Advertise your pumpkin-inspired menu item on your restaurant website and offer a discount code for those first few customers who will buy it.


Fall season spices are usually used to alleviate the flavors of your regular menu items. Update your dishes and add a little spice or two to make them more fall-inspired.

You can easily do so using a restaurant digital QR code software since it allows you to update and edit your menu items swiftly.

Increase your sales during the autumn season with your updated interactive menu.