July 16, 2024


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Internet Marketing – Writing Web Copy For SEO

Some of the old myths about search engine optimization are still floating around, causing website owners to display copy that not only can’t be read, but seems to annoy the search engines.

Why does it annoy? Because the search engines have gotten smart enough to recognize “keyword stuffing” – and they don’t appreciate it!

But even worse than the fact that these web marketing brisbane owners are ruining their own chances of a high ranking on Google and other search engines, is the fact that they’re turning away those prospects who do find their websites.

Some are using pay per click ads to drive traffic – and spending a lot of money. Others are running off-line ads, which also cost money. So it’s a shame that when the visitors arrive, they click away almost immediately.

So the truth is, while you do need to integrate your keywords into your site, stuffing your copy with them is the worst thing to do.

Instead, write meaningful copy that presents your benefits to your readers in a clear and straightforward manner. Concentrate on getting your message across, and if your message really is about the subject represented by your keywords, they’ll flow into it naturally.

Sometimes you’ll want to go back and see if there are places where you can insert a word where it won’t destroy the flow, but that’s easier done after you’ve written the message. For instance, if you’re writing about credit cards and credit card issuers, you may write a message that says something like: “Your card issuer can lower your credit limit at any time.” Going back it’s easy to insert the word “credit” to add another instance of the phrase “credit card.”

Keyword phrases are gaining more ground today, too. People who are trying to narrow their searches and find what they want in the ever-expanding Internet universe are using more and more phrases to identify their search goals. So it pays to use the free tools offered by Google to see what kind of key phrases people are using in search – and then use them.

Remember that unless the searcher has specified “exact match,” you can insert a word or two within the phrase and the search engine will still pick it up. For instance, if your key phrase is “homes in Dallas,” you can write “homes for sale in Dallas” and still be found.

That definitely makes it easier to create copy that flows.

Something I see too often on real estate sites is a long list of city names stuffed into a paragraph – with each linked to a separate page. These would be better offered in a bulleted list or on a sidebar, because stuffed into a sentence of copy they are almost impossible to read.

Remember – it doesn’t matter how many visitors you get to your site. If your copy is garbled, they won’t stay long enough to spend a dime.

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