October 2, 2023


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In Internet Network Marketing Consistency is Key

Warning! Your dabble here and there work style could be ruining your business before you even begin!

As with anything in life new concepts take practice. We’ve all been taught practice makes perfect but practice does way more than that. Practice makes permanent!

You know, like riding a bike? Most of the time perfect is too allusive and bound to make us harder on ourselves and less productive. But permanent has staying power.

Because the foundation of Internet Network Marketing lies in tried and true marketing concepts, there is a need for practice making permanent. You need to know these basic marketing techniques before you can succeed online. Perfection? Maybe, but it’s not the goal because just as you get perfect at one technique or another it can change. And you better believe it will!

Take Google AdWords for example. They change their structures, rules even their interface pretty often. Just as you’ve perfected their system it changes. So, practice may not make perfect or permanent in this case but it will definitely give you the building blocks you need to stay flexible and continue learning as your business progresses.

Practice and consistency go hand in hand and can be one in the same. However, once something is permanent in your mind you will still need to be consistent with your actions to move your business forward. Again with Google AdWords, if you are not consistently utilizing what has become permanent knowledge you won’t be drawing customers and prospects to you on a regular basis possibly causing rifts and valleys in your business growth. And you will find it much more difficult to keep up with the changes that are bound to occur.

All of the Internet Network Marketing techniques and concepts work in this way. You wouldn’t expect a huge influx of business from just one blog post or one Ezine article.

Just as in the old school MLM, you wouldn’t expect a sale from a single phone call or prospecting one person at the mall.

However, with Internet Network Marketing you could start to expect this kind of business boost from consistently doing what you know you have to, to succeed each and every day, week-after-week, month-after-month, year-after-year.

Let’s talk about some basic, sound marketing principles that make up the foundation of Internet Network Marketing.

1- Become your customers or prospects
a. What do they fear?
b. What do they need to overcome?
c. What are their top frustrations?
d. What is the trend in their business or personal life?
e. What do they secretly desire most?
f. What solution, product or uniqueness do you have to help them?

2- Become your product or offer
a. Use your product or service and see how it feels from an outsider
b. Think about how your product can HELP your prospect
c. Align your offer with what your prospect needs most
d. Look for win-win situations
e. Don’t try to force the star shape into the square shaped hole. You will know in your heart if the situation is win-win. Don’t ignore your gut!

3- Research your competition
a. What other products or services out there are similar?
b. How is their sales/marketing plan working?
c. How is their business?
d. What are they lacking?
e. What is your unique angle that can reach more people or a specific niche of people?

Those 3 fundamentals should become permanent knowledge and be practiced consistently in your business. From that foundation you can begin to learn and grow in Internet Network Marketing. Remember that means day-after-day, week-after-week, year-after-year! It’s better to work 2 hours a day 6 days a week every week than 80 hours one week and 5 hours the next. As much as it’s about consistency and practice making permanent it’s also about intention.

If your intention is to succeed, you will! If your intention is to dilly-dally, you will do that too. Sometimes our intention can be to succeed but our daily actions haven’t gotten that memo yet. Make sure you are clear with yourself about what it truly takes to be successful as far as time budget, marketing budget, skills and business development.

Stay focused on your plan and you will be reaping the rewards before you know it.