May 19, 2024


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How to Reboot Your Cable Box

If you love to watch sports, news, or series, getting RCN! cable TV subscription will be one of your best selections. RCN! cable TV is the best entertainment and communication network in the USA, it offers you RCN! channel lineup that will keep you updated with the latest information related to the entertainment industry. rcn cable box is a quality device that transmits and receives digital signals to show your favorite content on your RCN! cable TV. A cable TV allows you to enjoy various entertainment and news channels at your home. 

Like your smartphone, computer, and other gadgets, your cable box also needs to be restarted. Rebooting your cable box can be done for several reasons. The reasons can be the programs do not load properly, video starts freezing, or the screen gets blank. If you are facing a freezing screen problem, then you can’t find the menu option. For this, you have to look for manual rebooting via the cable box. 

Moreover, you can also unplug the cable box and have a hard restart, if other options do not work. To resolve these issues, you must reboot your cable box. Read this blog completely to know how to reboot the cable box. 

1. Rebooting From The Menu Given On Cable Box

Using a remote, open the menu of the cable box. Ensure that your television and the cable box are on so that you can watch the menu on the screen. Have a look at your cable remote, and press the menu button, this button is usually found on the top or the middle of the remote. After clicking the button, a pop up menu will appear on your TV screen.

  • Your remote also has a locating button, that shows two or three horizontal lines and has an icon. If you don’t know where the menu button is, find out the user manual to configure the button.
  • You may also have a menu button on the panel of your cable box if it does not have a remote.
  • If you have a frozen screen issue, then you will not be able to access the menu.

Moreover, you can also use the locating arrow buttons to navigate the menu options that display on the screen. Before clicking the OK button, do look for the setting or support option. Another menu will appear on your screen, which comprises the options related to the setting of your cable box. Some of the cable boxes also consist of arrow buttons to navigate all over the menu without the usage of a remote. 

Now, do check for a restart or reset option, by scrolling through the settings. Once you find out the reset option, press the OK button to start the procedure. If a pop-up appears, and ask you whether you want to restart your cable box or not, click on the yes option. If you have multiple cable boxes at your home, they will stop working while restarting the main box.

It may take a few minutes to reboot your cable box. Wait patiently until it starts. While your cable box restarts, the image of your screen will flash or shows a loading bar. Once the system has completely started, check whether you are facing the same problem that you were having before. If your cable box is still facing a problem, then restart it again or contact your RCN! cable TV service providers.

Note: However, a full reset of your cable box will erase the video you have saved or recorded. A warning popup will appear on your TV screen that you’ll lose any of your content after restarting. 

2. Use Manual Resetting Button 

Look around the front and back of your cable box to find out the button named reset. Check both sides thoroughly to find the button. If you’re not able to locate the reset button on your cable box, then it may reboot by pressing the power button. Don’t forget to check out the user manual, if you haven’t found out the way to reboot your cable box properly.

Hold the reset button for almost 10 seconds or until the lights of the box turned off. You might see that the display and the lights will turn off and the fan inside the cable box will stop running. As soon as you see that the lights are off, head towards the reset button. 

When you cable box will restart, the lights start blinking. A loading bar I think will appear on the TV screen, while the box starts. However, do not press any button until the loading finishes. This complete rebooting off cable box take almost 5 to 10 minutes. If your kid will box stuck while rebooting, and the loading does not finish on your screen, then contact RCN! cable TV service providers.

3. Unplug the Cable Box 

Try to find out the cable, which is at the back of the cable box to the plug. To disconnect your cable box from power, unplug the cable from the wall. Do check the front part of a cable box to make sure that the lights are turned off. Grab the base of the plug, Instead of pulling it from the cord because you can damage it. However, you can also disconnect the cable from where it is plugged.

Wait for one minute, and after that plug the cable back into the wall. Ensure that the plug is placed securely into the wall and do check it out, if it is loose it will cause connectivity issues. Power off the cable TV box, but plug the cord after a minute. Do not plug your cable box on the switch which is controlled by lights. However, it can cause many issues as well as power loss. 

Once you have the plugged again the cord of the cable box, then press the power button to boot it back. The power button is shown on the front of your cable box or your remote. The lights of the cable box will be turned on and start. Before start using the cable box again, wait for 5 to 10 minutes so the restart completes. If still your cable box does not work properly, contact RCN! cable TV for further assistance. 

Hope that by following these methods, you have successfully rebooted your RCN! cable TV. In case, if your problem is still not resolved then feel free to contact the RCN! cable TV service provider.