May 29, 2024


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How to Create Mind Maps Effectively | A Complete Guide

Mind mapping is a common technique to sort out a complicated idea in a simple manner and to find a potential solution to a complex problem. This method has been able to get immense popularity among working professionals, marketers, and academicians for its ability to visualize. 

However, contrary to public opinion, there are some rules to mind mapping. Whether it is adding colors, images, layout, and alignment, all these rules come down to the organization of the diagrams. 

And there is nothing better than mind map software like Wondershare EdrawMind to make these maps. It is all thanks to its readymade templates, extensive toolkit, and customization options. Here is a detailed guide on how you can create mind maps using this tool. So, dive right in for more. 

Why is a Mind Map Better than an Outline? 

A mind map is a graphical representation of your thoughts in a basic layout. This technique was originally discovered by Tony Buzan, a UK author, to improve information processing and its ability for the human mind to visualize. 

This diagram connects a core concept with secondary ideas using spider webs or sunbursts, just like our minds process it. Unlike an outline, it uses images, key phrases, and text boxes, making it easy for memory retention and focus. And here is why most academicians and professionals prefer them over an outline. 

  • Sort out lengthy data in a basic layout 
  • Improves the brain’s capacity to remember things and look at the broader picture
  • Helps people focus and concentrate
  • Allows people to find effective solutions to problems

How to Make Mind Map using EdrawMind Available Templates: A Step-by-Step Process

EdrawMind is a perfect solution for all the people who want to make a mind map, all credit to its extensive toolkit and scope for personalization. Its large template community is definitely a feature worth mentioning. It allows you to utilize other people’s work and change it according to your data. This saves so much time and effort. 

Want to try it out? Before you go in further, download the EdrawMind software or open it in your browser and log in to your account. If you don’t have an account, make it now for free. 

  1. Find a Suitable Template

EdrawMind has a wide collection of mind map templates for academicians, businesses, and marketing agencies, published by the creators themselves. These examples range from assignment writing to event planning, essay, resume, and so on. 

All you need to do is scroll down the main menu to find the perfect match. Click the one you like the most, and it will take you to the editing panel. You will see a core idea box connected to secondary boxes. If you already have an outline present, type in your central topic in the main idea box. 

  1. Add Topics and Subtopics 

Next, it is time to edit the template. Delete all the previous references and connections from the mind map before you start editing. Use the secondary boxes to build your topics and subtopics. You can also add and remove secondary text boxes using either the sub-topic option from the top menu or the floating button with each shape. 

Note: Don’t overcrowd your map with the topics and sub-topics. This can easily divert the audience’s attention. 

  1. Modify the Diagram

After this, here are some steps to make the mind map appealing. 

  1. Add images and hyperlinks to your mind map using the top bar on the editing panel. 
  2. Rank the relevant topics based on the order of priority from the Mark function on the top menu. 
  3. Change the layout, alignment, color, and theme from the right-side information panel on the editing panel. 

4.    Save It In Your Device

Once your map is ready, let’s save it on your device.  For that, click File > Save As > Any Option of Your Choice from the top-left corner. EdrawMind has multiple options, including PPT, PDF, and Word. 

5.    Share It with Others

Want to get immediate feedback on your diagram before the presentation? Share it with others using the Share button from the top-right corner of the editing panel. The best part is that you are in control of who sees what. 

Tips for Effective Mind Mapping You Don’t Wanna Miss

Most people have a misconception that long and lengthy mind maps are the right way. But it is the other way around. Having a clear and logical mind map, not to mention being visually appealing, cannot compare to any other. And here is how you can create amazing mind maps to attract your audience’s attention in no time. 

Simplicity is the Key

There is nothing better than a simple mind map. A mind map that immediately conveys the idea is always the best option. Apart from this, properly aligned text boxes and uniform writing font makes it readable. You can also rank the topics in the order of priority.  

Add Colors

Colors are a great way to make your mind maps appealing to the audience. According to a study done by PubMed Central, it was proposed that popping colors for multiple categories can improve human memory retention ability and focus. Hence, it is always ideal to use different colors for multiple topics. 

Use Keywords

Conciseness is always important while creating a mind map. This is because it encapsulates a wide range of data in small keywords and phrases. So it is easy for you to develop a logical understanding of the central concept. 

Stay Flexible

Mind mapping is all about improvising at the moment. Hence, the creator is always expected to be innovative and flexible. You will have to add as many relevant topics as possible. But also, it is important not to overdo it and find the perfect balance. That being said, it is pretty natural that you may think about whether it is right to add a specific topic. And you have to kill the urge to do so. 

Use Pictures

Lastly, there is a ton of evidence that pictures are a great way to grab anyone’s attention. The same is the case with mind maps. Pictures grab attention of viewers and makes your mind map stand out.

So, make sure to add some custom pictures relevant to your topic in this diagram. EdrawMind features a large collection of custom images for food, hospitals, streets, and animals. All you need to do is find the one that is relevant and add it to the diagram.


Mind mapping is all about portraying the information in an understandable manner. It offers better visualization and memory retention, making it easy for our minds to develop logic about complicated topics. Anyone who is struggling to grasp a topic should definitely give it a try. Just make sure to add different topic ideas and don’t forget to keep it simple.