May 19, 2024


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How to Clean Your iPhone’s Charging Port


The iPhone might face issues with charging due to various reasons. To resolve this you should try restarting the phone, check the charging cable, check for proper power supply in the socket etc. If the phone does not charge even after trying all the above mentioned steps, probably the issue is with the charging port.

Due to the wear and tear a phone suffers out of continuous usage, it is possible there is dust accumulated in the charging port. Unless you clean them, the charging issue might not be solved.

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All the dust particles in them will be packed deep inside when you insert the charging pin. Extremely sensitive care must be taken while you try to clean the port.

How to clean your iPhone’s Charging Port

The safest method to clean the iPhone’s charging port is as follows:

Materials required for cleaning are, a brighter environment (use a mobile flashlight or led light) to see deep into the port, tooth pick (inorder to remove the dirt never use any sharp metal as it would permanently damage the details inside the port), compressed air.

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Step 1: Switch off your iPhone. To switch off, open the Settings app. Click on the General option. Then tap on the Shut Down button.

Step 2: You can start with holding the compressed air upright into the port. Shoot a short bursts.

Step 3: Now turn on your phone and check if it’s charging. If the phone doesn’t charge, you should insert a toothpick to remove the dirt.

Step 4: Turn your phone off and gently insert the toothpick into the port. Slowly scrape it against the wall. Do not poke it directly into the port. The toothpick should touch the wall alone. Gently repeat doing it a couple of times. Other electronic details should not be disturbed or touched. If you manage to damage any part, the phone can never be charged. You will be causing permanent damage to it. So be extremely careful while doing his process. 

Step 5: Now give the port another shoot of compressed air to remove the dirt you have released from the walls of the port.

Step 6: After the dirt comes out, turn on the phone and try charging it. 

If it still doesn’t charge, repeat the process. You can also seek professional help from the service center if the problem pertains. Throughout the process, try not to damage the delicate stuff inside the port.


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