June 18, 2024


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4 Ways To Stay Connected With Family & Friends — SquareTrade Blog

Humans are termed social animals as they crave connection with other human beings. People always want to be connected with their pals and folks in every case. Communication has filled a steadily widening detail of our courses, but the corona outbreak raised an unprecedented situation for everyone that we encountered: it was exceedingly hard to outreach people. The pandemic destroyed the idea of in-person meetings or gatherings in a way that people lost connection with each other for some time. 

Then technology made it possible for the populace of the world to overcome the resistance that they have been encountering to form a connection with their pals and folks. Technology has created a smooth and round-the-clock connection among people, and no one can overlook the telecom uses in daily life. Telecom companies analyzed the customers changing demands of users and present the stablest and innovative solutions to enhance the communication process.

Necessary for mental well-being

As the outburst of coronavirus in the whole world created a bad situation for the world populace, but on top of everything, it affected the mental health of most individuals. The whole situation was scary and indubitably it wasn’t fun to see overwhelming hospitals, mortuaries and funeral homes run out of space, lockdowns, joblessness everywhere. People went through mental trauma in the real sense since everyone has to quarantine themselves to stop virus spread. But technology made it feasible for folks to stay connected with others without stepping out of their place. 

Covid-19 and attitudes of people

In the toughest times of viral spread, people staying apart from one another didn’t mean they weren’t emotionally close to each other. People felt the pain of the affectees in the pandemic and understood the urgency of staying connected to others. People sensed an urge to console, comfort, and be backed by each other. And psychoanalysts say that the support of loved ones can melt our response to fear and stressful conditions. Internet and web-based applications eliminated the distances and kept people connected and informed in time of global pandemic regarding the happenings in the world. 

To keep track of recent developments

As the world is progressing every second in every sphere and things change in no time. Everyone wants to stay updated and doesn’t want to lose track of the current developments. As in today’s world, information spreads in seconds and people are keeping track of everything around them. Social media platforms and various apps are there to create a connection among people and provide everything from entertainment to news that could make their users feel satisfied and connected. Several corporations stay connected to their customers through social media to grow in their sphere according to customer’s demands.


The telecommunication industry earned enormous profit during the pandemic period as businesses and corporations moved their operations online. Teams collaborated using various internet platforms and educational institutes initiated online learning. The Telecom industry made it possible for people to form unbreakable connections to the entire world with a single click.