May 25, 2024


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How Can Agencies Supercharge Profitability in 2022

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As a result, the e-commerce sector is thriving across a wide range of industries and geographic regions. Expanding a website’s operations and earning money is more difficult in this digital age than it used to be.

With the proliferation of online shops and a more discerning client base than ever before, customer loyalty is a problem and a difficult one to address. It’s clear that e-commerce is a tough market to get into because of the fierce competition.

About 380 million Americans will shop online by 2022, up over 20 percent from this year’s level, according to data from the US Census Bureau. This is fantastic news, but it’s impossible to forecast which companies will bring in the most money over that period.

Securing a long-term position in the e-commerce market is now more critical than ever. We at Janszen Media won’t let you down. Using the following marketing tactics, you may expand your internet company in new directions:

Best Tips to Boost E-commerce Profitability in 2022

1. Design a spectacular website

Visitors determine whether they like a website in roughly 50 milliseconds. As a result, if your website is drab, monotonous, or too conventional, expect a high bounce rate.

Over two-thirds of clients never forget what they read on your website, and that number rises to astounding three-quarters for visual communication. Focus on how simple or challenging it is for customers to find what they’re looking for while browsing your online shop. Ensure that your items and services are presented in a way that piques their attention.

Besides this, your ‘About Us’ page should be as impressive. The ‘About Us’ page receives an average of 7% of all homepage clicks, according to Marketing Sherpa. Those who see this page are 33% more likely to become potential purchasers. It’s vital that your ‘About Us’ page can pique the interest of potential customers! To get started on designing a great website, search online for an “SEO agency near me”.

2. Your email marketing should look good

Email newsletters have finally caught the attention of digital marketers since they play a critical role in shaping a brand’s tone and image. A basic newsletter sign-up pop-up has helped many e-commerce firms understand how quickly clients may be grabbed by a simple newsletter sign-up pop up.

Email marketing is here to stay, thanks to its high open and click-through rates (estimated at 90.9%). Depending on what you sell, a freebie (or a free guide) may be a great way to get your clients excited about your products and services.

Aside from that, 1:1 marketing will be the trend in 2022. It’s time to bring back the “personal touch” that has been missing from many business meetings this year. The term “segment of one” refers to this kind of marketing strategy.

Increasing the email content customization count is critical to improving customer loyalty and marketing investment returns, not just on a segment level, but also individually. An email marketing journey is one best handled by experts. To find such an expert, try to search on Google for an “SEO company near me”.

3. Create an interesting push strategy

In the early days of Blackberry smart phones, push notifications were used to alert users when they received new emails. However, as you can see, they’ve gone well beyond that and become a well-thought-out advertising strategy. According to a Responsys study, push alerts had 50% greater open rates than emails.

The usage of push notifications on mobile and the web to engage with people daily has become the norm. Here’s what they seem to accomplish:

Push our urgency-inducing communications to reduce cart abandonment rates.

To encourage consumers to visit a nearby shop, use location-based communications.

Encourage the use of wish lists to assist companies in better understanding their consumers’ needs and delivering on those needs.

Your task is to keep the subscribers up to date on the newest information.

4. Lure the consumers with multiple perks

Free delivery is a huge draw for online buyers! The absence of this option is the most common cause of cart abandonment. Free delivery will increase online sales by 93%, according to the study. Reduce the number of abandoned carts and boost the average order value by using this easy service.

Discounts and coupons may be very effective marketing strategies. According to a Oneupweb survey, 95,5 percent of shoppers choose online retailers with affordable pricing. Make sure any current sales are prominently displayed on the website and in emails.

5. Provide more innovative payment options

As the last phase in a customer’s journey, it may be essential to seal or sever the agreement. A customer has gone through different stages of awareness and consideration before deciding to buy your brand’s products. A prospective client is lost if the encounter prior to finishing the agony is a pain and isn’t easy going.

According to the Baymard Institute, roughly 70% of customers leave their shopping trolleys unattended. Why do so many people abandon their shopping carts even after doing extensive research, properly inspecting the products, and adding them to their cart?

A further 28% of shopping carts are abandoned because the checkout procedure is too complicated, according to the Baymard Institute’s analysis. Suppose you want to remain on top of the competition. In that case, this year’s emphasis should be on providing your consumers with an effortless experience. Streamline the checkout process and make it easier for customers to contact our company.

As part of the research, roughly 13% of those surveyed claimed that the absence of local payment choices prompted them to abandon their purchases. So, suppose you want to broaden your customer base to include people of all over the world. In that case, you’ll need to accept payments that are more convenient for international customers.

Conclusion:Consumers now want purchasing and information consumption simple, quick, and enjoyable. We are confident that your company will find its groove and increase its profitability more quickly than ever if you follow our recommendations. If you think you can’t handle all these alone, you can get in touch with an expert today. Just search online for “local SEO agencies near me”.