June 22, 2024


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Hacker Liberates Hyundai Head Unit, Writes Custom Apps


[greenluigi1] acquired a Hyundai Ioniq vehicle, and then, to our astonishment, totally demolished the Linux-dependent head device firmware. By that, we imply that he bypassed all of the firmware update authentication mechanisms, reverse-engineered the firmware updates, and produced subversive update data files that gave him a root shell on his possess unit. Then, he reverse-engineered the app framework operating the sprint and developed his personal application. Not just for demonstrate – soon after hooking into the APIs readily available to the dash and accessible by means of header documents, he was capable to monitor car point out from his application, and even lock/unlock doors. In the stop, the sprint bought fully conquered – and he even wrote a tutorial demonstrating how any person can compile their personal applications for the Hyundai Ionic D-Audio 2V sprint.

In this series of publish-ups [greenluigi1] set collectively for us, he walks us by means of the complete hacking procedure — and they are a real handle to browse. He covers a large variety of things: breaking encryption of .zip files, reprogramming efused MAC addresses on USB-Ethernet dongles, finding keys for encrypted firmware documents, very carefully inserting backdoors into a Linux method, combating cryptic C++ compilation glitches and flag mixtures though cross-compiling the software program for the head unit, making plugins for proprietary undocumented frameworks and a lot of other reverse-engineering areas that we will come upon when domesticating customer components.

This marks a hacker’s victory around yet a different laptop or computer in our daily life that we are not meant to modify, and a meticulously documented victory at that — helping each individual a single of us struggle back again versus “unmodifiable” devices like these. Right after examining these tutorials, you will go away with a good number of new approaches beneath your belt. We have included head units hacks like these ahead of, for occasion, for Subaru and Nissan, and just about every time it was a journey to behold.


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