June 18, 2024


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Flat Pack Kitchens

Easy To Build

So you can DIY that part or find an affordable tradesperson to do it for you, along with more labour-intensive installation. Because our kitchens are flatpack they are easy to pick up from Bunnings Warehouse, easy to store and easy to move around – perfect for homes with narrow entrances or in a multiplex.


What most cabinetmakers won’t do, however, is make any structural room changes, get too involved in electrical or plumbing changes. For the most part, cabinetmakers can do a chunk of the work but typically not all of the work. Most will happily work with your trades to get works progressed to certain levels. Then there’s traditional stores like Bunnings and IKEA, where you can buy your flatpack cabinets in standard sizes, straight off the shelf.

Flat-pack Kitchen Cabinets

This is a fantastic way to order cabinetry as the product is exact and they have a panel to suit every situation. However, because the end product is so exact, you need to plan what you want and be meticulous in your measurements Flat Pack Kitchens Clayfield ensuring your design layout matches the intended area. Having ordered a number of items through these guys, i can say that Dave & the team at Aussie Cut go out of their way to assist wherever they can, and make the process easy.

Flat Pack Kitchen

A new DIY kitchen, more than any other Easy As project, is one of those jobs where it really pays to familiarise yourself with the assembly instructions that come with your flat pack kitchen. From humble beginnings, Semble has been providing Australians with top of the line flat pack kitchens at an affordable price, jam packed with over 60 years of experience.

Kaboodle cabinets are solid on the sides, base and back and are built to withstand the heaviest appliances, pots and plate stacks. Once you have decided on the kitchen of your choice this will be made to order and delivered quickly and you will get cabinets, doors, hardware and assembly instructions all packed together in one box. By registering your interest, you’ll get first dibs at a great earlybird price. You’ll have all the skills and know-how to confidently design, plan & install your very own kitchen reno, whether it’s a $10,000 or $50,000 one. If going down the DIY or cabinetmaker path doesn’t float your boat, you can outsource the whole shebang to a kitchen showroom company.

Design your own laundry with base cabinets, broom cabinets and upper open shelving cabinets – with flat-pack cabinets made to your specifications. If floor isn’t level you’ll need to trim the bottom of the toe kick to fit (see ‘New Kitchens In Old Houses’ section). Using a quality silicone, seal around bottom of toe kick panels where they meet the floor to protect your kitchen from water spills.

These areas often only require simple configurations to make installation simpler. Whether considering a new kitchen or just want to revitalise your old, tired kitchen with new doors Flat pack kitchen Perth can provide high quality, affordable units, doors, benchtops and accessories to meet your needs.