July 16, 2024


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Doing backlink analysis the wrong way could harm your website!

How to Identify and Remove Bad Backlinks That Kill Your Rankings

There is joy in your heart about all the hard work that is being done to your website’s link building. You sit eased upon your couch and enjoy the latest show over some fine lager. Days go by, your hopes go high, but your ranking keeps falling. A sudden gush of anxiety sweeps in your veins and you fall befuddled about what actually is going on. There are many possible reasons, and these possible reasons could be avoided through proper analysis. When it comes to link building, the analysis that one should do is called a backlink analysis. PerfectLinkBuilding Company (USA) says that a backlink analysis if done with proper knowledge and care could turn out to be a savior. Many companies include it in SEO Packages (USA) they offer, and many do not. But what actually is a true backlink analysis?

What is a backlink analysis?

Link building, or networking, is very fundamental to being human. We meet people, we talk to them, we create links, and then we keep it going on. But why? Why do we make links? Science says that link building helps in the growth of a group or community. This helps an individual rise in hierarchy and represent the respective group. This same happens in the digital world. There websites interact with each other and rise in the hierarchy. But the digital world is not intelligent and people can manipulate it to think that a particular website is great and the search engine should recommend it to people.

This is where things like analysis come in. Because technology has grown levels up in recent days, the high computing power can now assess a website’s links based on certain factors. But what does a search engine assess? It assesses if the links that a website has formed are natural and genuine, and are not just to trick the search engine. Search Engines then penalizes the websites with fake or spam links. Backlink analysis is a way to get rid of all the spam and broken links.

How does a linkbuilding company analyze backlinks?

Because the competition is high, certain competitors buy hundreds of spam links and direct them to the rival’s website. But why? There are two main ways in the world to rise: either to grow by self, or to shrink the competitor. The way we have just discussed is the latter one. This makes Google think that a website is a spam and thus it downgrades that website in the SERP. This thing is called Negative SEO. Backlink Analysis looks into it apart from many other things.

Backlink Analysis simply checks the health of all your links and tells you where a surgery or medication is required. There could be many issues, says PerfectLinkBuilding Company (USA), with your links. For example:

  • You might have broken links due to change of HTTPS protocol or domain name migration.
  • There could be many spam links directing to your website.
  • There could be low quality links with poor DA and PA score.
  • Links with expired security certificate.
  • Links coming from expired websites.
  • Knowing the competition regarding certain keywords.
  • Checking how your competitors are performing.
  • Any other issues that tool finds out.

If you already have SEO services with you then check if link analysis is included in the SEO Packages (USA) or not.

Do you need a linkbuilding company for backlink analysis?

If you don’t have access to an SEO agency and want to know about the possibilities of doing a backlink analysis by yourself, then we tell you that it is possible. However, there is a difference between finding the issues and treating the issues. Backlink analysis is not the end, it is the beginning. There are many things that a website needs to get rid of to save itself from brutal Google penalties and bans. Here is a short guide on how to do a backlink analysis by self:

Choose the websites you want to analyze.

This might give you a little shock. It is so obvious that people will analyze their own website. But no! A true strategist will not only look into self but will also check how the competitors are performing. Analyze your own website, and then analyze the website of your competitors. This will give you an idea about how things are in the market and thus adapt accordingly.

Choose a tool to do a linkbuilding analysis.

If you don’t have access to any paid tools then you might have to do the audit manually. This will take time and effort. To do it you have to use Google Search Console. If you have opted for SEO packages (USA) then no worries. Chances are the SEO experts will take care of the story. Otherwise, there are tools available in the market that offer some deep insights and help you deal with things more efficiently and effectively. For example, Ahrefs and SEMrush provide tools for such an audit work.

Analyze the data and take actions accordingly.

If you use the tool for linkbuilding audit, then it will give you an insight into certain aspects. Here are a few things that you could do. But PerfectLinkBuilding Company (USA) suggests against doing so without proper knowledge. It can harm your website unintentionally.

  • Check for all the backlinks that are there.
  • Take care of spam links. There are two ways to do so:
    • Either you request the domain to remove the link from their domain.
    • Or you submit a list of foul links into the Google Disavow Tool.
  • Look for broken links with 404 errors. Treat them accordingly.
  • Look for 301 errors and resolve the issue.
  • Check the links performing best for you. Understand the pattern and strategize accordingly.
  • Check for ccTLDs for issues.
  • You would also want to track the anchor texts that are giving you the links.

Link building Company or self-analysis?

If you have no idea about how to do a link-building analysis, then PerfectLinkBuilding Company USA suggests you gain enough knowledge to do it the right way. Because auditing is just a way to look for the issues, you also need to have an understanding of how to deal with them. Issues left unattended do lead to penalties. This is a way to keep the digital environment healthy. If you are unsure about things, then the best way is to look for the best SEO Packages USA . If you want your website to thrive for the long term then you have to go for it someday. The competition is tough upon the digital lawns and companies lose millions with a small error. Considering this, investing in SEO is a better choice. The experts from these agencies know the things they do. A small error might seem insignificant to you, but they’ll know if it is causing great issues.