March 1, 2024


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Create A Professional Floor Plan in 5 Steps

A floor plan is a technical drawing to scale of a house’s layout. It shows the relationship between rooms, spaces, and other fixtures in the 2D dimension, as seen from above. It can even include real-life elements like a TV or dining table to help you visualize how your house will look after construction.

Considering the technicalities a floor plan requires, it’s no wonder making them would require excellent skills. What if I told you that EdrawMax promises to make this a piece of cake for you? What’s even better is that it’ll still look professional! Read the guide below to land your professional floor plan in 5 steps.

How To Draw Floor Plans?

It’s time to ditch the old pen-and-paper method and use professional floor plan software like EdrawMax. Let’s take a look at how to create a floor plan.

Create a Floor Plan From Scratch

  1. Login to EdrawMax

Log in to your EdrawMax account or create a new one. You can either download EdrawMax or use the online version.

  1. Open a New Canvas

Go to Building Plan > Floor Plan. Click + to open a new canvas. Now, you’re free to turn your imagination into reality.

  1. Find Floor Plan Symbols

You’ll find many symbols for creating a floor layout on the left panel. Click Windows and Doors, Wall Sheet and Structure, and Kitchen and Dining Room to access their symbols. If you can’t find the floor plan symbol, draw it with the Pen or Pencil Tool, and then click + in the My Library section to save it for later use.

  1. Add More Elements

Once you import all the symbols, you may begin arranging them in the floor plan layout you made in Step 2. Some examples include a gas stove and an oblong dining table. These symbols are vector-based. Hence, you can reshape, recolor, and resize them without losing their formatting. 

Now, click the Toolbars on the top to alter the color, theme, font, size, and more.

  1. Save & Export

Once you’ve finished your floor plan, you can export it as a JPG, PNG, PDF, etc. EdrawMax offers more than 14 export options. You can also share it on social media, such as Twitter, and even print it.

Create a Floor Plan From Built-In Templates

If you believe in working smart, using built-in templates is the way to go.

  1. Login to EdrawMax

You can either use EdrawMax offline or consider its download version. Once logged in, enter “floor plans in the Templates section on the left.

  1. Choose a Template

You’ll find hundreds of built-in templates in the template community. Choose the one that resembles your elevation plan the most. Once done choosing, click Use immediately to shift the template to the editing screen.

  1. Add Symbols

Choose the Predefined Symbol section from the top toolbar in the Symbols section. To add them to your library, select Floor Plan. If the floor plan symbol you want is unavailable, draw it using a Pen Tool or Pencil Tool. Then click + in the My Library section to save it for later use.

  1. Change Details

After importing the template, you can add or change the floor plan details. Using EdrawMax, you may work at various architect scales without worrying about formatting being lost. Simply select the Toolbars on the top or right side of the canvas to get the functions you want.

  1. Export or Publish

Once completed, you can share the floor plan in various formats, like JPEG and PDF. You can also publish it to the community, which has over 25 million registered users, for them to take inspiration from.

This is how you create a floor plan within minutes using the EdrawMax.

EdrawMax: The Best Floor Plan Creator

When there are tons of software options available, you might wonder why choosing EdrawMax would be a good idea. Well, EdrawMax offers various features; let’s highlight the major ones.

Easy-to-use interface

The beginner-friendly user interface allows a beginner to create a floor plan effortlessly. It’s designed to be versatile yet powerful for beginners and pros alike. The drag-and-drop functionality will let you grab, align, and arrange all the pieces of your floor design without repetition, which makes the whole process much quicker.

Area Calculation Measurements

The EdrawMax offers built-in scale tools to help you get your scale right. You’ll see the correct proportions and dimensions even when you move elements in the floor plan. The best part is you can change the precision and scale unit anytime. Meanwhile, Edrawmax helps you get specific while allowing your imagination to run wild.

Compatibility with Visio and various file formats

EdrawMax Online offers a variety of high-quality built-in symbols, icons, and templates to help you create your ideal layout. All symbols are scalable and vector-based, so you don’t have to worry about formatting.

Floor Plan: Why Is It Even Important?

Why drawing floor plans in the first place? To be honest, a floor plan can do wonders for you. Let’s take a look at the potential it holds.

  1. Make Your Listing Unique 

Buyers go through various listings every day. Hence, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. A well-designed floor plan is something that makes them remember your listing. Also, according to a stat, one in ten buyers won’t even arrange a visit if you don’t show them a floor plan first.

  1.  Floor Plans Enable Visual Communication

It’s evident that home buyers want to look at the layout of a house first. They want to know the spaces and the size of each room. These things aren’t displayed well in a photo. So, presenting them with a good floor plan can help you communicate with them.

  1. Floor Plans Can Help You Sell Faster

According to a stat, 64% of home buyers want to view floor plans before considering any house. Yet, not all agents offer floor plans. Thus, adding a professional floor plan can help you grab a buyer’s attention and seal the deal much faster.


Even though numerous software is available for floor plans, you’ll see how the simple user interface makes EdrawMax superior. The best part about EdrawMax is its broad template community, with thousands of symbols available in the library. 

Meanwhile, you’ll have great help making a floor plan from scratch. However, if you plan to use templates, you’ll see how you can make a top-notch floor plan within minutes. All the features allow EdrawMax to help you make the perfect floor plan within minimal time. Don’t take my word for it, download it yourself and get a feel of a professional designer.