December 8, 2023


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Cheap Mobile Phones – Low Price High Quality Mobiles

The use of mobile phone is no longer a tool for only making calls but it has become an indispensable part of life. There is cut and throat competition in the telecommunication market. This tough competition has changed the face of the mobile market.

With the easy availability of cheap mobile phone in the market more and people are purchasing the mobile phones. These phones are also easily available on simple contract deal with lucrative options. Due to neck to neck competition among manufacturers and constant increasing demand of phones by price sensitive people, cheap mobile phone has appeared on the surface.

Although, these handsets are available at low cost but these are well equipped with all the innovative features and applications. So many companies are offering the phone at very low price such as Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and others. These companies have collaborated with network companies so that the cost may get lowered. These are available in stylish and fashionable appearance. Nokia has remained a role model for cheap mobile phones.

Nokia has introduced mobile phone at low price with world class technology and application. Nokia N78 and Nokia N95 are fantastic examples in this field. Nokia N78 is offered at low price but contains the all latest technology. This handset is a 3G mobile phone having HSDPA facility. This looks pretty nice having the TFT touch screen with 240×320 pixels resolution. It is equipped with all the new age messaging service. This handset is preloaded with fantastic camera, GPRS and Bluetooth connectivity. With the aid of this gadget, people can surf Internet smoothly.

Nokia N95 is another good example of cheap mobile phone with high-end quality. This handset comes with two versions that is Nokia N95 and Nokia N95 8 GB. This can provide multi-utility applications to its user. This is preloaded with all the latest mobile technologies such as GPRS service, Bluetooth connectivity, high quality camera, 160 MB internal memory. The memory can be increased upto 8 GB by inserting the external memory card. It is embedded with high quality music system and FM radio.