September 21, 2023


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Best of 2022 So Far – QRToon


With the exception of the webinar I’m web hosting tomorrow, I’m taking the rest of the week off. Whilst I am absent I will be republishing some of the most popular posts of the year so far. 

QR codes are handy for creating lengthy URLs simple to accessibility on cellular units. Final year I utilised QR codes to make my classroom indication-in/sign-out kinds easy for learners to accessibility on their phones. I generally use either QRCode Monkey or the QR code generator constructed into Chrome. Lately, I identified an additional neat QR code generator named QRToon

Like all QR code turbines, QRToon will develop a QR code for any URL that you specify. The big difference between QRToon and other QR code creators that you could possibly have tried is that QRToon will permit you upload a image to use in your QR code. That photo is then turned into a cartoon model. The QR code in this submit features a cartoon edition of a headshot of myself that I uploaded to QRToon. 

Using QRToon is easy and it does not have to have registration. Just head to the web site, enter the URL that you want to flip into a QR code, and then add a image. QRToon will create the QR code with your cartoonized portrait in it. You can download your QR code as PNG file to print and use where ever you like. 

It is really well worth noting that QRToon will only do the job with pictures that have just a person human confront in them. It didn’t work when I tried out to use it with images that experienced me and my young children in it. It also did not get the job done when I experimented with to use pics of my dogs and cats.

Purposes for Education and learning
Does the entire world require a different QR code generator? Probably not. Is it good to have a personalized QR code that includes your likeness? Positive. The utility of QRToon is most likely in just staying equipped to personalize your QR codes to consist of your likeness in them for your learners to acknowledge.

By the way, the QR code in this write-up will direct you to my E book, 50 Tech Tuesday Suggestions


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