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All current FF14 Twitch drops and how to get them

All current FF14 Twitch drops and how to get them

All current FF14 Twitch drops and how to get them

In the vibrant and ever-expanding realm of All current FF14 Twitch drops and how to get them , Twitch drops have become a sought-after feature for players looking to enhance their in-game experience with exclusive rewards. From rare mounts to stylish attire, these drops offer a chance to obtain coveted items simply by linking your Twitch and Square Enix accounts and tuning in to designated streams. Here’s a comprehensive guide to all current FF14 Twitch drops and how you can secure them for your own adventures in Eorzea.

Understanding FF14 Twitch Drops

Twitch drops in FF14 are promotional items distributed to players who watch designated streams on the Twitch platform while logged into their linked Square Enix accounts. These drops are often tied to specific events, announcements, or collaborations, providing both in-game rewards and opportunities for community engagement.

How to Participate

To participate in FF14 Twitch drops, follow these steps:

Link Your Accounts: Ensure your Twitch account is linked to your Square Enix account. This can typically be done through the account management settings on both platforms.

Watch Designated Streams: Look out for official FF14 streams or partner channels that announce Twitch drop campaigns. These streams will specify the duration and conditions for earning drops.

Claim Your Rewards: Once you meet the criteria (usually watching for a set amount of time), rewards will be automatically added to your FF14 account inventory or mailbox.

    Current FF14 Twitch Drops

    Moogle Cap

    • Description: A whimsical headpiece resembling the iconic moogle characters from the Final Fantasy series.
    • How to Get: Tune in to official FF14 streams during specified campaigns to receive this adorable cap, perfect for showing off your affinity for moogles.

    Fat Black Chocobo Mount

    • Description: A hefty chocobo mount known for its imposing size and distinctive appearance.
    • How to Get: Watch select streams featuring FF14 content for a chance to add this beloved mount to your collection. Keep an eye on announcements for availability windows.

    Spriggan Hat

    • Description: A playful hat inspired by the mischievous spriggan creatures found throughout Eorzea.
    • How to Get: Participate in community streams or official events where this charming hat is offered as a Twitch drop reward. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to flaunt your spriggan style.

    Minion: Baby Opo-opo

    • Description: A miniature version of the cheerful opo-opo creature, known for its playful antics.
    • How to Get: Engage with designated FF14 streams and fulfill the drop requirements to receive this endearing minion, adding a touch of whimsy to your adventures.

    Y’shtola’s Modish Attire

    • Description: Fashionable attire inspired by the esteemed Scion of the Seventh Dawn, Y’shtola.
    • How to Get: Stay tuned to streams featuring FF14 content where this stylish outfit is featured as a Twitch drop. Dress your character in the same elegance as the beloved Y’shtola.

    Emerald Carbuncle Earrings

    • Description: Elegant earrings adorned with the likeness of the emerald carbuncle, a faithful companion in FF14.
    • How to Get: Watch streams that highlight these exquisite earrings as Twitch drop rewards. Enhance your character’s appearance with a touch of sparkling elegance.

    Wind-up Cursor Minion

    • Description: A whimsical minion modeled after the cursor icon seen in FF14 user interfaces.
    • How to Get: Participate in special streams or events where the wind-up cursor minion is featured. Add this unique minion to your collection and marvel at its animated antics.

    Tips for Maximizing Twitch Drops

    To make the most of FF14 Twitch drops, consider these tips:

    • Follow Official Channels: Stay updated on FF14 announcements and events by following official channels and social media platforms.
    • Set Notifications: Enable notifications for Twitch streams and official announcements to ensure you don’t miss out on limited-time drop campaigns.
    • Engage with the Community: Participate in community discussions and events surrounding FF14 to stay informed about upcoming Twitch drop opportunities.


    In conclusion, FF14 Twitch drops offer a fun and rewarding way for players to earn exclusive in-game items while engaging with the vibrant FF14 community. Whether you’re seeking stylish attire, whimsical minions, or majestic mounts, these drops provide a diverse array of rewards to enhance your adventures in Eorzea. By linking your Twitch and Square Enix accounts and tuning in to designated streams, you can embark on a journey to collect all current FF14 Twitch drops and enrich your gaming experience with cherished treasures from the realm of Final Fantasy XIV.