February 26, 2024


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7 fishing gadgets to upgrade your angling experience


Here at BBC Science Focus, we love a gadget and we’re always looking for ways to upgrade our favourite pastimes. Fishing has its fair share of fun tools and contraptions, not only to help you improve your catch, but also to make the whole process a little more enjoyable. 

We’ve rounded up some of our top fishing gadgets, from affordable basics to £200+ accessories. If you’re after gifts for friends and family or you fancy treating yourself, there’s something for everyone – and every budget – here. 

The best fishing gadgets to buy today

Michigan Fishing Umbrella Shelter

Michigan Fishing Umbrella Shelter on a white background

Whether you’re sheltering from Sun, rain or wind, this clever umbrella should keep you comfortable during long fishing sessions. Thanks to the extended side panels, guy lines and pegs, you’ll be able to secure it to the ground. 

Plus, the adjustable handle makes it easy to change the height and angle of the umbrella, and there are windows at the side so you can keep an eye on what’s happening around you. 

The frame is made from coated steel for durability, and the umbrella comes with a convenient carry bag, so packing up should be simple.

Victorinox Fisherman

Victorinox Fisherman in red

No list of fishing gadgets would be complete without a multi-tool and, happily, renowned brand Victorinox has designed one specifically for anglers. 

An impressive bit of kit, this Swiss-made pocket knife has 18 different functions. Its tools include a fish scaler, hook disgorger and a wire stripper. There are also plenty of multi-purpose additions, such as two screwdrivers, two blades and a pair of scissors. 

Plus, you get bottle and can openers too – ideal when you’re in need of a few al fresco drinks and snacks. 

Smith Barra Polarised Sunglasses

Smith Barra Polarized Sunglasses on a white background

On sunny days, glare from the water can cause issues and even become painful for your eyes if you’re sitting beside a river or lake. To eliminate the problem, you’ll need a pair of performance sunglasses. 

These clever sunnies not only reduce the reflective glare coming off the water; they also have a hydroleophobic lens coating to repel droplets and keep the glasses performing well. Thanks to the large polarised lenses and side shields, you’ll get plenty of protection against the water. 

As an added bonus, the frames are made from sustainable materials. 

Deeper PRO

Deeper PRO fishing gadget and box

For full-on fishing fanatics, gadgets don’t get much better than this bit of high-tech kit. It’s an app-enabled fish finder, which scans the water up to 80m below the surface. While collecting 15 images per second, it sends sonar data back to your smartphone or other device. 

You can use the Deeper PRO to check the water temperature and depth while you’re fishing. Then, create a map of the sea bed, logging everything from its structure and vegetation to the fish swimming above it. 

Either use the wide scanner frequency to see a large area or choose a narrow beam to track your targets. 

The Deeper PRO also comes in handy for logging your favourite locations to fish, camp, park and launch your boat. Plus, it gives you the option to add photos and notes detailing your catches, so you can look back on the equipment you used, for instance. 

Matt Hayes Bite Alarms

Matt Hayes Bite Alarms on a white background

To make sure you never miss a catch, it’s worth having a few bite alarms in your bag. Attach them to your rod set-up with the jack plug socket and they’ll alert you with LED lights and an audio signal when they detect vibration. 

These handy accessories are particularly useful at times when you might not spot movement on your line, so they’re ideal for fishing after dark.

Customise your bite alarms by adjusting the speaker volume and tone to suit your own preferences. 

Waterproof Nixon Staple Watch

Nixon UK Staple Watch on a white background

A waterproof watch is a useful accessory to have if you’re a keen angler, and we love this one for its style, sustainability and many different colour choices. Rather appropriately, it’s made from recycled ocean plastics.

The Staple Watch also has its share of useful functions. You can customise the display to check two lots of information at the same time. View the time and date, or see the chronograph, timer or alarm.

As the watch is waterproof down to 100m in depth, it’s a practical option for a range of water-based activities, such as swimming and scuba diving. 

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Limited Edition Reuben Heaton Gigantica Scales

Korda Limited Edition Reuben Heaton Gigantica Scales on a white background

If you enjoy logging your catches, a set of accurate weighing scales is a must. These ones can hold up to 54kg in weight and the dial has a single-revolution arm, so you’ll be able to get an accurate reading for both small and large fish. 

Designed to stand the test of time, this set of scales is made from high-quality materials with good corrosion resistance. You’ll get a strong polycarbonate dial and a stainless steel hook.

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