December 8, 2023


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3 Ways Your SEO And Advertising Need To Work Together


Chris Siebeneck, VP of Strategic Partners at SEO Werkz, Changing the world… one campaign at a time

If your company strives to become the top answer in Google’s mind to the questions being asked, your SEO and advertising need to work hand in hand. This can be accomplished in large part through optimizing your website. Your ads, from advertising, provide the opportunity to give people ideas about what to look for—while effective SEO can help you become the specific answer to what they are looking for.

Your advertising in social media posts on sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others should be giving people ideas about what they want or need. In doing so, your ads and marketing can then inspire people to investigate further and do some research.

First, consumers may take some time to determine if your company’s products fit their wants and needs. Ideally, through a successful alignment between your advertising and SEO, you can help them discover they want your company, product or service. Here are three ways you need to align your SEO with your advertising to remain competitive.

1. Optimizing Your Website

As you optimize your website for searches, make sure that the ads you are placing relate back to the search terms you rank for and are seeking to rank for. For example, if you’re doing an ad on your product or service and it talks about the best sofas for small spaces, make sure that after seeing your ad, people will be most likely to Google “sofas for small spaces” in the hope that you come up in their search results. Make sure your ad generates traffic for your site before it generates traffic for the millions of other websites that will also show up. That way, your advertising can directly influence your SEO—and vice versa.

2. Focusing Strategically On Rankings

As you put out ads, make sure that what you rank for is the idea that your ads focus on. Consider doing some SEO and becoming ranked for the idea you’re putting out in the ads. In the meantime, you can do pay-per-click ads to show up with specific searches that your site may not rank for.

You need to optimize your site to be the answer for the idea that you are presenting in your banner ads, radio ads, billboards, flyers—whatever types of active advertising that you’re doing. That way, you generate a question and answer it, first with your advertising and then with your SEO.

3. Identifying Important Keywords

Google rankings and Google traffic can only send somebody to your site once they’ve searched for that key term or subject. So if you need somebody to search that keyword more often, you need to give them that idea. Plant that search term as something that they need or want. People who are interested will research further, which will help generate impressions so that your website ranking can show up and get that traffic.

Moving Your SEO And Advertising Forward Together

It’s important to remember that SEO and advertising are not the same things but are closely related. And each should influence how the other operates.

When working with either, consider what you’re putting into the other and use that to direct the key terms you use. Your SEO and advertising should complement each other because they have the power to make each other work better.

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